The Burned is hitting the studio, NEW EP due out early 2013!

10/24/2012 – After a bit of time off from playing some of the finest festivals in the southwest, The Burned is heading back into the studio.  The highly anticipated follow up to The Burned’s self-titled debut album is shaping up as a finely polished gemstone that will definitely stand out from the rest of it’s “rock” competitors.  Clearing out some of the past distractions, Kurt Baumann has been locked away doing what he does best, writing great songs.  With no sign of inspirational blockage, songs like “Kids Today” and “Emergency” have proven big hits with the live audience.  The softer side of Kurt’s muse will be a beacon for all of the over 300,000 YouTube fans which loved “Make Believe”.  Ready or not, The Burned is about to prove that the greatness of the first album is not a fluke.  It’s just the beginning.


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